Barbados Villa - The Caribbean

Barbados Villa - The Caribbean

One of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, with warm temperatures and clear blue waters making an ideal vacation place.

Only 166 square miles, Barbados is home to people whose reputation for warmth and hospitality has beckoned visitors from all over the world.

Barbados is a place of discovery, where a maze of roads chase across the island over rolling hills of sugar cane down to luxuriant dales, surrounded by a coast of sandy beaches slotted into beautiful rocky bays.

The Chattel house is a unique feature of Barbados and the cultural side of the sugar cane plantations. Of necessity, the plantation workers needed houses that were easily assembled and taken down so they could move between plantations.

To gain an even more spectacular view of Barbados there are a number of ways to take in its splendour – helicopter rides, submarine trips and a choice of boat excursions enable you to make the most of the island’s many beauty spots.

Living up to its reputation for elegance, Barbados houses some of the more sophisticated shops in the Caribbean. You can purchase duty-free goods or stroll around the stalls and shops selling a wide range of locally handcrafted souvenirs.

Caribbean cuisine is exciting and diverse and Barbados has some of the finest restaurants in the region. Local and international dishes are available and you will find a delicious selection of exotic fruits, chicken and fresh fish high on the list of any menu throughout the island.

If you are looking for something slightly more upbeat, why not head to St. Lawrence Gap, a 1.3km stretch of road in the parish of Christchurch which is famous for its fine restaurants, lively nightlife and good shopping. ‘The Gap’, as it is commonly known is a place where various cultures meet and merge……it is an experience that should not be missed!

Oistins, in the parish of Christchurch is a major fishing community, where visitors can see Barbadian fishing boats and the weaving of fishing nets by local fisherman. Oistins is also the hottest attraction in Barbados! Each Friday and Saturday night hundreds of locals and visitors flock to Oistins for the Fish-Fry, an opportunity to enjoy the very best local foods.

Bridgetown is the capital and commercial centre of Barbados. Broad Street is the main street in Bridgetown and consists mainly of banks, department stores and duty free shops. Other streets in Bridgetown such as Swan St, Roebuck St and Tudor St consist mainly of smaller shops and wayside vendors.

A place worth visiting for its shopping and historic value is the Bayshore Complex just outside Bridgetown. First erected in 1800 and originally used as a Harbour Police building you can’t miss the pastel coloured buildings that form the complex. Browse through the stores and have a meal or drink at a beachside restaurant, a great place for casual dining whilst enjoying the view of Carlisle Bay.

Holetown (6 minutes by car) acquired its name because of the off loading and cleaning of ships in the very small channel located within the immediate vicinity of the town. Holetown is the site of the annual “Holetown Festival” a colourful local festival of crafts, music and historic parades (mid February). There is also a wide variety of shops, bars & restaurants in the town.

Speightstown is the first major port in Barbados and is now home to the brand new luxury marina development of Port St. Charles. There are a number of excellent restaurants in the area as well as an art gallery and some fine examples of original Barbados architecture.


Average monthly temperature 85˚ F (29˚ C) which varies only by 10˚ F (6˚ C) anualy. The hottest months of the year are July & August. The wettest month is October and the driest month is March. The sea temperature does not go below 79˚ F (25˚ C)




Barbados Dollar (BD$). U.S. Dollars are generally accepted throughout the island.


110 Volts AC 50Hz

Dress Code

Smart Casual – Dinner dining is usually by the sea and can become cool so a light jacket or shawl is recommended. Nudity is against the law. Barbadians aren’t prudish but swimwear is not accepted in supermarkets, shops and banks.


Golf, Cricket, Cycling, Hiking, Horse Riding, Horse Racing, Polo, Paragliding, Game Fishing, Kayaking, Kite Surfing, Parasailing, Scuba Diving, Sailing, Wave-Runners, Windsurfing and Swimming with Turtles!

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